Stacey Greenwood in Paris

Hi, my name is Stacey Greenwood. I have just finished studying for an MSci in Genetics at Nottingham University. My interest in genetics arose shortly before it was time to apply to universities and courses at the beginning of my final A level year in 2007. Since the age of 7 I had been sure that I wanted to become a vet, going as far as to centre all my early work experience around this. However one module in Genetics in my AS Biology had me hooked and I'm still very happy with my decision.

This may seem a bit odd as you're probably here looking for a web designer. My other main interest from the age of 11 has been web design. I took a gap year between A levels and starting university where I was employed full time as a web designer. My employment was based solely on the knowledge I had accrued by myself over the past 7 or 8 years. Since starting university I have kept up part time and freelance web work and honestly cannot see myself ever leaving this area, despite my degree.

Out of work my interests include several areas. I love to travel although haven't had much opportunity to as yet. My display picture above is of a recent day trip I took to Paris. I plan to do a trip around Europe for 10-12 days covering 6 countries as soon as I have both the time and funds available. My other interests include, but are definitely not limited to, horse riding, animal behaviour/training and technology/technological advancements. If you'd like any further information about me then please dont hesitate to get in touch.